From the Streets to the Pulpit

We interview Author, Pastor Leonard D. Jackson, as he tells how he went from street life to ministering youth from it, in his new book, ‘From the Streets to the Pulpit.’ ( Special thanks to Lolita Seals for assistance with this Interview ) EDWS:  What’s the title of your book? Author Leonard:   ‘From the Streets […]

Man Teaches St.Louis How Blacks Eat in Israel

His interactive vegan cooking classes are growing in popularity in St.Louis. Israeli implant, Tavon Brooks, sat down with us to discuss what’s special about his vegan courses and why he decided to introduce the dietary lifestyle of Blacks in Israel, to St.Louis. ( Special thanks to Lolita Seals for assistance with this Interview ) EDWS: […]

HD Fitness

Midwesterners Called Nice but Fat – St.Louis Trainer Wants to Change That With determination and the support of a team, St.Louisans can change their unhealthy lifestyle, says HD Fitness. It’s true.  Ask a tourist and they’ll tell you St Louisans are out of shape.  They’ll say our men have love handles and our women have great […]

SCC-VBC Girls Volleyball

St.Louis’ Most Affordable Girls Volleyball Club’s Season Fast Approaching Participation Opens Players Up for Scouting and Possible Scholarships.  Enroll Today! “This year is full of new opportunities , greatness, and a chance to put all of our training and hard work into effect,” says Head Coach, Mykeia Crogier.  “We’ve also staffed more coaches to increase […]

Eye See Me Children’s Bookstore

St.Louis Black Bookstore Seeks to Boost Black Youths Image of Self Looks to Align with Teachers and Organizations to Increase Self -Esteem Imagery shapes perception. It’s a fact Hollywood knows all too well. Since its inception, Hollywood has craftily used its writers to manage Black’s self-esteem and self-image.  Their writers seem cautious, almost instructed, not […]

Universal Taxi – East St.Louis

After Over A Decade Without, Three Friends Restore Taxi Service to East St.Louis 24hr Cab Service Provides Service Where Uber and Others Fear to Go It’s been a long time since residents of E.St.Louis has seen taxi cabs circulating about. Twenty years ago the city was home to three cab companies. But for the last […]

Limbs R Us

Trees Big or Small Limbs-R-Us Cuts Them All St.Louis Couple Turns Hobby Into Professional Tree Cutting & Storm Clean-Up Service It started 6 years ago as a hobby that Darnell Taylor and his crew would embark on in their spare time, trimming trees in their backyards along with cleaning up their fence lines. Neighbors admired […]

Daylight Nutrition

St.Louis Nutrition Store Marks 20 Years of Healthy Alternatives Says Better Health Comes with Better Eating Habits and Alternative Options to Medicine As we sat and watched store owner, Alvin Morrow  and his daughter, ring out a sale we could not help but imagine the many lessons she likely learned growing up alongside such a […]

Shut Up Grace

St.Louis Author Releases the Power of Shut Up Grace On May 1st, 2016, at her book release, St. Louis author Tonita Smith release a book, ‘The Power of Shut-Up Grace,’ that has already drawn staunch criticism for its message even before hitting the shelves. Author Tonita Smith has been told her book will set the […]