Foreclosure Options

Facing Foreclosure? Blue Key Realty Could Help St.Louis Real Estate Company Offers Unique Foreclosure Options When facing foreclosure “Clients often think all hope is lost and that they have no options,” says Tracy Larkins, Sr Manager at Blue Key Realty.  “Clients believe once the lender sends them to foreclosure that there aren’t alternatives.  But that’s not […]

When Stagnant, Consider a Business Architect

We speak one-on-one about Business Architecture, with Earl Childress, of Childress Investments. Business Architecture is a little-known service to many nascent entrepreneurs. But one that could very well help scale a startup. Taking a business to the next level. EDWS: What is a business architect exactly? E. Childress: Business architecture is about creating the blueprint […]

Asia to Help St.Louis with Fibroids & Obesity

We interview Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Asia Muhammad as she weighs in, giving her opinion on fibroids, weight loss, and more.  Asia received her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2014 and completed a 3 year independent residency at Arizona Digestive Health. EDWS:  Greetings.  What do you do? Asia Muhammad: I am […]

Communiversity – Saturday School for Youth

Saturday School Aspires To Make Your Child A World Leader Enrollment Limited Many events can compete for a child’s Saturday time. But for parents wanting to keep children on the lifelong path of learning, Communiversity has just the program for them. Plus, it’s fun. Communiversity is a special leadership school for middle & high school […]

From the Streets to the Pulpit

We interview Author, Pastor Leonard D. Jackson, as he tells how he went from street life to ministering youth from it, in his new book, ‘From the Streets to the Pulpit.’ ( Special thanks to Lolita Seals for assistance with this Interview ) EDWS:  What’s the title of your book? Author Leonard:   ‘From the Streets […]

Man Teaches St.Louis How Blacks Eat in Israel

His interactive vegan cooking classes are growing in popularity in St.Louis. Israeli implant, Tavon Brooks, sat down with us to discuss what’s special about his vegan courses and why he decided to introduce the dietary lifestyle of Blacks in Israel, to St.Louis. ( Special thanks to Lolita Seals for assistance with this Interview ) EDWS: […]

HD Fitness

Midwesterners Called Nice but Fat – St.Louis Trainer Wants to Change That With determination and the support of a team, St.Louisans can change their unhealthy lifestyle, says HD Fitness. It’s true.  Ask a tourist and they’ll tell you St Louisans are out of shape.  They’ll say our men have love handles and our women have great […]

SCC-VBC Girls Volleyball

St.Louis’ Most Affordable Girls Volleyball Club’s Season Fast Approaching Participation Opens Players Up for Scouting and Possible Scholarships.  Enroll Today! “This year is full of new opportunities , greatness, and a chance to put all of our training and hard work into effect,” says Head Coach, Mykeia Crogier.  “We’ve also staffed more coaches to increase […]

Eye See Me Children’s Bookstore

St.Louis Black Bookstore Seeks to Boost Black Youths Image of Self Looks to Align with Teachers and Organizations to Increase Self -Esteem Imagery shapes perception. It’s a fact Hollywood knows all too well. Since its inception, Hollywood has craftily used its writers to manage Black’s self-esteem and self-image.  Their writers seem cautious, almost instructed, not […]