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This 108th Holy Convocation Could be Manna from Heaven for St.Louis Black Restaurants & Businesses

Local Restaurants Set to Welcome Convocation Members with Discounts and Smiles

In a city where crime is high and murders of young black men go without penalty, youth once thought to be uninspired, now have a glimmer of hope. St.Louis Black youth have been watching the budding, young Black entrepreneur scene grow. Stories like that of Joshua Reed, who turned street hustle into entrepreneurial work ethic, have youth seeking a way out of the streets through entrepreneurship.  (See Joshua’s story below)

Still, entrepreneurship hasn’t been an easy road for those seeking financial independence. St.Louis has seen its share of Black restaurants close over the past year.  That’s why this year’s 108th Holy Convocation feels like a coming blessing for many St.Louis Black businesses. The Church of God In Christ, Inc’s Holy Convocation brings $15 Million into the St.Louis area. Black business owners pray Convocation Members will journey out and spend some of their blessings with St.Louis Black businesses.

A growing group of Black restaurants and businesses are even offering 108th Holy Convocation Members dinner deals, and special offers, in hopes they come.

St.Louis Black businesses say they warmly welcome The Honorable, Presiding Bishop, Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr. and hope the Bishop blesses local St.Louis Black businesses by encouraging members to patronize Black restaurants and businesses._Tasty_Treats_Preps

With patron support from the Church of God In Christ, Inc 108th Holy Convocation, many St.Louis Black businesses can move out of the red and into prosperous projections for 2016. The much-needed funds will provide youth and the community hope for change in downtrodden areas of St.Louis.

Black business owners we spoke with were also excited about COGIC’s 108th Holy Convocation’s week full of events.Save