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Communiversity – Saturday School for Youth

Communiversity – Saturday School for Youth

Saturday School Aspires To Make Your Child A World Leader

Enrollment Limited

Many events can compete for a child’s Saturday time. But for parents wanting to keep children on the lifelong path of learning, Communiversity has just the program for them. Plus, it’s fun.

Communiversity is a special leadership school for middle & high school youth, created by Jihad Khayyam, of Better Family Life, Inc. The name Communiversity originates from the combined words Community and University.

Communiversity’s focus is on growing youth into change agents, community leaders, and international representatives through character building and education.  Communiversity students learn skills in areas of:

Khayyam explains Communiversity

  • Public Speaking
  • Financial Literacy/Entrepreneurship
  • Goal Setting/Vision
  • The Strategic Benefits of Chess
  • Health & Wellness
  • Robotics & Coding
  • and More

“The idea birthed from working with my own children in our previous program, The Young Money Group, a financial responsibility and investment training program for youth,” says Khayyam.

Terrence-Cauley, Dean

“Parents would often ask how they could make my own children as responsible as YMG children. So we began taking more students. Then we began to brainstorm about other areas youth would need to become world leaders. We came up with the Communiversity curriculum.”

“Parents benefit because here children gain a greater sense of who they are,” says Terrence Cauley, Dean of Students. “Our courses provide a kind of cultural identity that students don’t get in school. Values that have sustained us in this country for over 400 years.”

Parent, Carla Denise Shepard, has brought her daughters and nephew to Communiversity since its inception and loves the program.

“I was actually looking for something for my daughters to do, outside of sports, because they have a lot of personality and are very intrigued by their culture.

The curriculum is amazing. Not only that, the instructors bring in stellar acts such as artists, poets, dancers, international speakers for the kids to gain experiences from. The summer dance course was exactly what my girls needed.”

Carla Shepard, parent

“I’m just excited that my children are becoming more aware of the world, and learning that there is more to life than what they see around them,” says Shepard.

Communiversity meets every Saturday morning. Enrollment is limited.
For student enrollment consideration contact Jihad Khayyam at Better Family Life, Inc.
(314) 367-3440

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