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When Stagnant, Consider a Business Architect

When Stagnant, Consider a Business Architect

We speak one-on-one about Business Architecture, with Earl Childress, of Childress Investments. Business Architecture is a little-known service to many nascent entrepreneurs. But one that could very well help scale a startup. Taking a business to the next level.

EDWS: What is a business architect exactly?

E. Childress: Business architecture is about creating the blueprint of a company to execute strategic objectives and tactical demands. This is important because the blueprint provides a common understanding of the organization to each professional by communicating in their own industry jargon. People who develop and maintain business architecture are known as business architects.

“Today majority of Fortune 500 Companies hire business architects. Executives are learning that Business Architects are often the missing link to rapid growth.”

EDWS: Is business architecture new?

E. Childress: The history of business architecture has its origins in the Middle Ages. The concept didn’t catch on until the 1950s. By the 1980s is when the industry began to take shape. Since then the concept of business architecture has evolved over the years. In the 2000s the study and concept development of business architecture accelerated. By the end of the 2000s the first handbooks on business architecture were published, separate frameworks for business architecture were being developed, separate views and models for business architecture were further under construction, the business architect as a profession evolved, and an increasing number of businesess added business architecture to their agenda.

Today majority of Fortune 500 Companies hire business architects. Executives are learning that Business Architects are often the missing link to rapid growth.

EDWS: How can a business architect help a small business?

E. Childress: Business Architects can take the ideas of the company’s leadership and provide insight to effectively execute them without making costly mistakes or failures. Companies can grow up to 10x fasters. Also Business Architecture provides entrepreneurs access to education, mentorship and/or financing.

EDWS: What are some of the stresses a business architect can help alleviate?

E. Childress: A Business Architect can help entrepreneurs from making costly mistakes and failures. Spending money at the wrong time, on the wrong things. We help entrepreneurs avoid legal and accounting errors that could potentially shut down their business.

EDWS: Are business architects expensive?

E. Childress: Expenses vary on the company’s size and the scope of the work required. The best time to engage Business Architecture is at the beginning of a corporate initiative or starting a new company. However, if your company is stuck or struggling to execute its vision, Business Architecture can save you pain, time and money.

EDWS: Can a small business owner afford a service like yours?

E. Childress: Yes. Most companies spend more money correcting their mistake than they will from working with a Business Architect.

EDWS: What are some of the entrepreneurial areas that you see in St Louis that are most need of business architecture?

E. Childress: Any business, from an entrepreneur with an idea to the largest corporation can benefit from Business Architecture.

EDWS: I understand most business Architects require a contract rule commitment. Why is that so?

E. Childress: Due to the complex nature of business, an agreement is in the best interest of all parties. The agreement will explain the expectations and lay out the desired goals of the company while ensuring the Business Architects are providing value.

EDWS: What’s the first step a business owner should take 2 acquire a business architect?

E. Childress: Contact our Executive Office at 1.888.741.4330 and schedule a free consultation. From there we can provide you with the best plan of action for your company.

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