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Daylight Nutrition

Daylight Nutrition

St.Louis Nutrition Store Marks 20 Years of Healthy Alternatives

Says Better Health Comes with Better Eating Habits and Alternative Options to Medicine

As we sat and watched store owner, Alvin Morrow  and his daughter, ring out a sale we could not help but imagine the many lessons she likely learned growing up alongside such a tenacious entrepreneur.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Daylight Nutrition, North County’s longest standing Black-owned nutrition store.  Daylight Nutrition is located in Berkeley, MO, at 8565 Airport Road at near I-170 and Airport Rd.

Since 1996, Daylight Nutrition has provided healthy alternatives for the many issues that plague the black community.  “It hasn’t always been easy but we enjoy it,” says Morrow.   Customers often frequent the store and task us for help with issues like:

  • Blood Sugar Regulation
  • High Blood Pressure reduction
  • High Cholesterol Balancing
  • Cancer Alternatives
  • And More

Top-Selling products at Daylight Nutrition are:

  • Colon Cleanses
  • Energy Products
  • Menopausal Products
  • Liver Cleanses
  • Detox Products
  • Drug Test Assistance Products

“For most, we recommend customers start with our detox cleanse.  Our cleanse’s rejuvenate your metabolism. The core of your metabolism is your digestive system. Once you create better digestion (with a cleanse) general health often improves, cholesterol levels balance, and excess weight begins to fall off,” says Morrow.

“St.Louis could be a lot healthier by accepting better eating habits and learning to trust alternatives to prescription drugs,” says Morrow.   “Safe alternative often gets to the root of a health problem instead of masking symptoms.”

Detox cleanses and other one-of-a-kind products can be purchased at Daylight Nutrition.  Stop by today and click to visit their website below.




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  1. Maria Montgomery

    Day Light Nutrtion has truly been a bllessing to myself and family and friends that I have referred there. Alvin Morrow ‘s expertise of nutrition and the various health issues that plaque the black community such as high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes, surpasse’s information you would receive from other nutrition stores in the St. Louis area. His dedication to entrepreneurship has continually motivated me to not give up on my own fitness oriented business goals.

  2. I stop by this store and Alvin Morrow has been a mentor in the nutrition field, business and friendship. Daylight is a great resource for the community. Less Whole X, more shopping at Daylight Nutrition.

  3. It’s is Awesome to see a ‘Black Man’ in business doing positive in St. Louis! Hallelujah & keep on keeping on Alvin!!!

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