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Foreclosure Options

Foreclosure Options

Facing Foreclosure? Blue Key Realty Could Help

St.Louis Real Estate Company Offers Unique Foreclosure Options

When facing foreclosure “Clients often think all hope is lost and that they have no options,” says Tracy Larkins, Sr Manager at Blue Key Realty.  “Clients believe once the lender sends them to foreclosure that there aren’t alternatives.  But that’s not true.  When they call us they are surprised to learn that we have options,” says Larkins.

Tracy Larkins, Blue Key Realty Senior Manager.

Blue Key Realty, LLC is a St.Louis County Realty company with over a decade of experience in real estate.  The Blue Key team feels more like a network of resources and agents aimed at solving the tough issues facing complex realty scenarios.

“Homeowners fear being judged by others for seeking help.  But there are options.” 

New clients come to us with many fears, says Larkins.

“Homeowners may be falling behind on their mortgage and are facing foreclosure.”

“Homeowners may be afraid to let the mortgage company know they’re having a problem because they think it will speed up the foreclosure process.”

“Homeowners mistakenly believe if their mortgage company has already turned them down for a loan modification, that there is no point in contacting anyone for help.”

“Homeowners fear being judged by others for seeking help.”

“But there are options.  We are here to help.  We have options that can be less damaging to client’s credit; options that can assist with easy relocation; and options that usually don’t cost the client real estate fees,” says Larkins.

To learn more click the link below to schedule a consult with Blue Key Realty, LLC today.

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