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“In an Emergency, Could You Defend Yourself and Family?” asks St.Louis Shooting Club President, Yassine K.  Says Event Too Rare to Be missed.

Marchelle “Tig”, Trainer

On Sunday, November 5th, just $60 covers professional handgun training that includes gun rental, ammo, paper targets, eye protection, range time and women’s handgun instruction from one of the country’s most popular gun trainers, Marchelle ‘Tig’ Tigner-Washington, owner of the Georgia-based, Trigger Happy Firearm Instruction.

Marchelle ‘Tig’ learned about firearms while serving in the military.  Her goal is to effectively teach a million women how to shoot and defend themselves. To accomplish this task she travels the country giving firearms training to urban areas.  Her Not-A-Victim campaign encourages women to “No longer allow themselves to become victims.”

Yassine Kabila, head of the local Zulu Shooters Club, says Tig’s Handgun 101 class is an ideal opportunity for women to become familiar with an aspect of self-defense they sometimes are fearful – handguns.  But says they often become comfortable handling a gun after training.

Yassine K., of the Zulu Shooter’s Club

Today, it’s important for our women to have an understanding of firearms and how to protect themselves, and our children.  Within training, our women learn gun use and safety, which is especially important since they’re the first teacher of our children,” says Yassine.

“Through the parent, children learn what to do if they see a gun anywhere, (like) not to touch it and tell an adult.  Parents learn how to  properly secure their weapon from children.”

Trainer Tig’s Women’s Handgun 101 training stops in St Louis for the one-day event before traveling to classes in Atlanta, and Charlotte, North Carolina.  If you’re a woman who always wanted to learn about handguns, or to protect yourself and children, this is it.

Click below to register:  ( Women’s Handgun 101 )

Participants have the opportunity to purchase their own ‘Not A Victim’ t-shirt after completing training.