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HD Fitness

HD Fitness

Midwesterners Called Nice but Fat – St.Louis Trainer Wants to Change That

With determination and the support of a team, St.Louisans can change their unhealthy lifestyle, says HD Fitness.

It’s true.  Ask a tourist and they’ll tell you St Louisans are out of shape.  They’ll say our men have love handles and our women have great hair but pudgy bodies.

“Many in St.Louis are just one cheeseburger away from a heart attack,”, says fitness trainer, D Anthony Moore who runs HD Fitness, a bodybuilding center located in downtown St. Louis.

“Most St.Louisans have become so frustrated with trying to lose weight that they now only focus on looking good from the neck up.  But we help them look good from the neck down by taking the guesswork out of getting fit” says Moore. 


Moore,37, became intrigued with fitness at 21 when he was diagnosed with hypertension.  Doctors wanted to prescribe him a litany of medications. But Moore favored more natural less damaging methods so he adjusted his lifestyle.  Moore started lifting weights. He cut out fried foods. He stopped eating dairy.  And he started drinking more water instead of sodas and sugary drinks.

Moore started lifting weights. He refrained from fried foods. He stopped eating dairy.  He also started drinking good water instead of sodas or sugary drinks.

Moore’s new passion for energy foods and a better life soon turned into a career when he studied and attained his fitness trainer certification.  He prides himself on educating his clients on Why certain fitness routines work and Why others fail.

“The process of getting fit involves more insight than just asking a muscular guy at the gym to train you,” explains Moore.  “There is a science to getting fit.”

Moore says St.Louisans could be more fit once they consider the benefits of good health and make the move re-prioritize areas of their life to include fitness.

“The average American spends $200,000 in their life on cars but only $2,000 on fitness,” says Moore.  “This must change. Slimming clothes, herbal wraps, and modern girdles are temporary fixes.  Because when you take your clothes off, you are who you are naked.”

“One common excuse for not working out is gym costs,” says gym assistant, Mari Aria Byrd.

“But women don’t realize is that being fit is cheaper.  Women buy big clothes one size, then look at the size and get depressed.  That depression drives us to eat so we gain more weight and have to buy bigger clothes. When you add up the costs of buying clothes for weight fluctuations we are paying either way.  So why not pay a gym fee to be fit?” says Byrd.

HD Fitness offers affordable fitness plans starting at only $38 per week.
To learn more contact HD Fitness at: HD Fitness – 1624-B Delmar Blvd, St.Louis, MO 63103, (314) 369-4261
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