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My Blooming Health Mobile

My Blooming Health Mobile

Hate Waiting in Long Lines for Lab Results?  Now You Don’t Have to. MBH Brings the Lab to You.

My Blooming Health Mobile is a St.Louis area based concierge mobile phlebotomy company that will come to you for all of your lab work needs.

“It’s not always convenient for our clients to drive out of their way to a lab clinic, where they have to sit in waiting rooms near “sick” people, for hours waiting to be seen.”  Says Danita Smith, RN, BSN, MBA, owner of My Blooming Health, LLC.   “Most people put going to have blood drawn on their to-do list and maybe, just maybe, complete the order as the doctor prescribed.”  This avoidance of timely lab results can be costly to towards a patient’s health, she explains.

“When patients delay getting their lab results they increase their chances of a real illness. A missed diagnosis could take them away from work or their family for weeks at a time.” Says Smith.  “Don’t delay good health. Call us instead. We’ll bring the lab to you.”

My Blooming Health Mobile saves time for family members charged with the caretaking of loved ones.

Schedule-Today-ButtonMBH will meet clients at their home, on the job, or visit your loved ones’ house at a care facility.

My Blooming Health Mobile is a certified service that may be covered under a client’s Missouri Medicaid and Medicare plan for homebound customers residing in the St. Louis area.  Travel costs may occur for clients outside a 25 miles radius.

To inquire about service contact:
My Blooming Health Mobile


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