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Black Families are Preparing For Uncertain Times, Yours Should Also – Here’s How to Start

Black Families are Preparing For Uncertain Times, Yours Should Also – Here’s How to Start

The plague of COVID-19 has all but shut down America and the world.  Meanwhile the weather has been increasing in strange activity.  In August a rare heat wave roasted the west coast to a blistering 130 degrees, making America’s West Coast the hottest area anywhere on earth, temperatures not seen since 1931.

And at the time of this writing two simultaneous hurricanes are approaching the Gulf of Mexico – United States.  Modern records have not seen two hurricanes merging since 1933.  Some call these events acts of Mother Nature.  Others call them Acts of God.  Nevertheless, with floods, tornadoes, and earthquakes looming, there are clear signs that something is going on.

Whether you believe these uncertain times are a result of global warming or whether you believe America is under the divine judgment predicted by Elijah Muhammad in his book ‘The Fall of America’, one thing IS for certain these tumultuous times will favor the prepared.   Many Black families are no longer leaving their futures to chance and are prepping for hard times to come.

How would you and your family fare if a disaster hit?  How long could you survive on the food in your home right now?  Could you last 72-Hours?   How long before your child(ren) starved?  How would you manage if your electricity was shut off?  How would your family fare in anarchy, drought, or lawlessness?  These are questions few Black families ever ponder, but now should. 

Below are suggestions and items to include in your emergency preparation kit. The list may seem daunting at first. But don’t become overwhelmed. Prepare in stages. Start slowly if necessary. Accumulate one or two items weekly and your family’s readiness will gradually grow.

The Bug-Out-Bag or Grab-n-Go Bag

The first 72 Hours calamity of unrest are critical.  Everyone in your family should have a Bug-Out-Bag (a Grab-n-Go bag) they can grab quickly to maneuver and survive for 3 days until they can get to your family’s long-term storage cache of food and supplies.  It should be packed light and mobile.  Here are a few of the items each Bug-Out-Bag should include:

  • A backpack with good zippers. New or get one cheap at a resale shop. | Options: (Amazon) (Walmart) (Ebay) (Other)
  • 1 or 2 Full Tang Quality Knives – To Make Other tools, shelter, or for Self-Defense | (Amazon) (Walmart) (Ebay) (Other)
  • First aid kit| (Amazon) (Walmart) (Ebay) (Other)
  • 27-32 oz Bottled Water Or Water in a hard canteen| (Amazon) (Walmart) (Ebay) (Other)
  • Collapsible canteen / Vessel| (Amazon) (Walmart) (Ebay) (Other)
  • Water filtering Life Straw| (Amazon) (Walmart) (Ebay) (Other)
  • Water Purification Tablets x 30| (Amazon) (Walmart) (Ebay) (Other)
  • Cash for Street Negotiations
  • Food that’s Ready to Eat| (Amazon) (Walmart) (Ebay) (Other)
  • A plastic jar of peanut butter or almond butter if not allergic, buy without High Fructose Corn Syrup. You can live off 1 spoonful per day| (Amazon) (Walmart) (Ebay) (Other)
  • A Spork| (Amazon) (Walmart) (Ebay) (Other)
  • 2 lighters | (Amazon) (Walmart) (Ebay) (Other)
  • Stormproof Matches | (Amazon) (Walmart) (Ebay) (Other)
  • Tinder – quick lighting material to start fires| (Amazon) (Walmart) (Ebay) (Other)
  • Lighting – Headlamp or flashlight. 2 Sets of Batteries| (Amazon) (Walmart) (Ebay) (Other)
  • A Map of Your State & City| (Amazon) (Walmart) (Ebay) (Other)
  • A PRINTED list of Family Member Phone Numbers in case your cell phone is down
  • A PRINTED list of Emergency Numbers Police , Fire Dept, and Poison Control’s DIRECT numbers in case 9-1-1 is down
  • Cordage – Rope| (Amazon) (Walmart) (Ebay) (Other)
  • A Multi-Tool| (Amazon) (Walmart) (Ebay) (Other)
  • A Hand Saw| (Amazon) (Walmart) (Ebay) (Other)
  • A small note pad and 3 Ink Pens
  • An Emergency Blanket| (Amazon) (Walmart) (Ebay) (Other)
  • A Compass| (Amazon) (Walmart) (Ebay) (Other)
  • Binoculars| (Amazon) (Walmart) (Ebay) (Other)
  • Whistles| (Amazon) (Walmart) (Ebay) (Other)
  • Duct Tape (make sure it’s quality duct tape)| (Amazon) (Walmart) (Ebay) (Other)
  • Lithium Battery charger, Solar if Possible | (Amazon) (Walmart) (Ebay) (Other)
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • A Survival Manual – Survival Book| (Amazon) (Walmart) (Ebay) (Other)
  • Small Bible; Small Holy Quran; or relative spiritual book for Mental Health.
  • Small Deck of waterproof playing cards to play and relax when needed.| (Amazon) (Walmart) (Ebay) (Other)
  • Have 7 days worth of over-the-counter AND prescription medications.
  • A copy of your insurance card.
  • Go to the dollar store and buy these: Antacid, Pain relievers-including acetaminophen, aspirin, ibuprofen, antidiarrheal remedies, Antiseptic wipes, antibiotic ointment, Scissors, Thermometer, Tweezers, bandages, gauze, and tape, eyewash solution, An antihistamine for allergic reactions, ziplock bags
  • An EpiPen or a Generic version if you can afford it. These are adrenaline injections. They treat very serious allergic reactions to insect stings/bites, foods, drugs, or other substances
  • Pepper Spray| (Amazon) (Walmart) (Ebay) (Other)
  • Customize each Bug-Out-Bag to Owner

Click For Printable List

In times of disaster and lawlessness, the unprepared will rob and steal from the prepared. How will you handle if your first cache of storage items gets looted? It’s best to have a back-up plan for your back-up plan.

Acquiring the above is a great start in helping ensure you and your family survive the first 72-hours of a calamity. In our next article we will offer tips on what to store at your family’s rally (meet-up) point to survive for 3 months, 6 months, and 12-month survival.

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