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Proficient Chiropractic

Proficient Chiropractic

No More Living with Pain

St.Louis Chiropractors Help the Body Heal Itself at Only $35 Per Visit

What God has made He can heal. That’s the message of the doctors of Proficient Chiropractic in Overland, MO.  “The force that created our bodies can also heal our bodies,”  says Dr. Xavier Tipler of Proficient. “As chiropractors we assist in that process.”

Dr. Tipler learned the benefits of chiropractic services years ago in college after suffering a debilitating back injury from basketball.  The injury left him unable to play in games. He went to a conventional doctor for the injury.  The doctor gave him spinal injections and medications.  The treatments were ineffective.  Tippler was still unable to resume his basketball season.

Schedule-Today-ButtonThen Tipler decided to try a chiropractor.  The chiropractor gave Tipler a Chiropractic (back) Adjustment, a procedure where specialists use their hands and apply controlled pressure to joints to make them loose again.  The next day Tipler was back on the court playing basketball again.  He was amazed at how non-surgical techniques could yield such quick results.  He became a proponent of chiropractic service from that day on.

He changed his major to chiropractic; found two fellow colleagues of similar mindset; and the three have been maintaining a steady course of sharing the benefits of chiropractic services to the Black community of St.Louis.


Tipler says their biggest obstacle is debunking the myths associated with chiropractic service.

Myth 1: That you only need to see a chiropractor if you’ve had an accident. Untrue, says Dr. Tripler. Chiropractic can be used to maintain fluidity.  “Most of our clients come to us weekly for adjustments to relieve the everyday wear-and-tear on their joints.”

Myth 2:  That chiropractic services are too expensive.  Not at Proficient.  “Anyone who believes this has not been to our office.  Our services are very affordable, most at $35 per visit.  This is often cheaper than client’s insurance copay. Most customers choose to pay the fee themselves.”

Myth 3: That chiropractic services are unsafe. “This is far from the truth,”  charges  Dr. Tipler. “More patients are injured per year from unnecessary medications and surgeries than from chiropractic services.

The doctors of Proficient Chiropractic keep their fees low to remain affordable to the community they serve.  But having low fees in no way implies low quality of service.  Proficient Chiropractic is a state of the art facility with modern equipment. Regular customers carry a membership card they swipe when checking in. Proficient’s automated customer management system then calls the customer to a room by name.

Dr. Xavier Tipler and Dr. Edgar Everett III started Proficient Chiropractic in Overland, MO back in 2007.  In 2013 they expanded their operation into Illinois, bringing on Dr. Derrick Hamilton for a Fairview Heights, IL  location.

If you suffer from back pain or joint pain, consider giving Proficient Chiropractic a try.  Contact them at:

Overland Office
2050 Woodson Rd, Suite 101
Overland, MO 63114

Mon-Thurs: 9am – 12:30pm  and  3:30pm – 6:30pm

Fairview Heights Office
10251 Lincoln Trail, Suite 4
Fairview Heights, IL 62208

Mon, Wed & Thurs: 9am–12:30pm & 3:30pm–6:30pm
Tues: 3:30pm–6:30pm
Fri: 9am–12:30pm


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  1. Proficient Chiropractic are the best!!! Friendly peaceful atmosphere and staff. I feel 100% better every time I go! Highly recommend them!!!!

  2. I have been receiving treatment for a hip injury due to a fall. I really love the staff and atmosphere here. The doctors seem genuinely concerned about my overall health. I would highly recommend them.

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