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Girl Creates Safe Seasoning for Ailing Mother

Girl Creates Safe Seasoning for Ailing Mother

We interview Niesha Mathis, mom of St.Louis adolescent entrepreneur, Nyzjahrose ‘Rose’ Savage, as she tells how proud she is of her daughter’s drive to create seasonings to help her as well as fund her own recreations.

( Special thanks to Lolita Seals for assistance with this Interview )

EDWS: So a while back you were diagnosed with kidney disease?

Niesha: Yes. I have kidney failure. So I have a restricted diet. I can’t use regular seasonings to season my food due to all of the sodium, chemicals, and sugars that they put in conventional seasonings. And one day I was complaining (about not having much flavor in my foods). So my little girl came up with her own special seasonings to help mom out.

EDWS:  So because you were diagnosed with kidney issues your daughter came up with seasonings that wouldn’t make you sick?

Niesha:  Yes. That’s correct. She came up with a ‘No Salt Plan.’  That’s how the first one came out.   She’s got three blends. Her original “No Salt” blend is vegetables and standard garlic powder and onion powder.

EDWS:  How did you feel when you saw her crafting spices just for you?

Niesha:  I was happy. I thought it was cute.  Very helpful. She’s always been a helpful girl.

EDWS:  Now she sells her blends of seasonings, she created for you, to the general public?

Niesha:  Yes… Yes,  she does. She sells her, ‘Savage’ seasonings on her website and wherever she can. Her last name is ‘Savage’ so she named her seasonings, “Savage Seasonings.”

EDWS:  And this has catapulted her into entrepreneurship?

Niesha:  Yes sir. She’s tried to sell things before because I’m an entrepreneur.  So when I would go sell my things she would want to do her own thing. She was always looking for something to sell along with me.  This has been the most fruitful idea that she’s come up with.

EDWS:  You also say she sells her seasonings to fund her (out of budget) recreations, like karate class and science camps?

Niesha:  That’s correct. She wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up.  So she went online and found a science camp and it’s pretty expensive and out in rural Missouri. The idea of selling her seasonings came one Mother’s Day where she thought it’d be a good idea to make me breakfast in bed. When I tasted her french toast, I said this is better than mine! I was like, “Man this is really good.”

I asked, “What did you do to it?” She said, “I added a little of this spice and a little of that.”  I told her, “(your seasonings) are good enough to sell.” That’s where the idea of selling her seasonings came about.  All I would had to do was buy empty bottles. She took it from there.

EDWS:  What else does she use her entrepreneurial money for?

Niesha:  She saves some for college.  Some of her profit goes for shoes. If she needs a new pair of shoes, and I don’t have it because of other expenses, she’ll buy her own shoes. She’s into African dance.  The classes are very far away.  Sometimes she gives towards gas money to get her to class. She’s a big help.

EDWS:  How do you feel that your daughter has taken on entrepreneurship?

Niesha:  I’m so proud of her. I know a lot of my friends and their children are entrepreneurs but it seems like the parents do most of the work.  But my Nyzjahrose will sit down at our computer and make her own brochures. She just really takes it to heart. She’s diligent at making her business work.

EDWS:  How old is your daughter?

Niesha:   She’s 12.

Click below to visit Nyzjahrose’s Savage Seasonings website:



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