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Universal Taxi – East St.Louis

Universal Taxi – East St.Louis

After Over A Decade Without, Three Friends Restore Taxi Service to East St.Louis

24hr Cab Service Provides Service Where Uber and Others Fear to Go

Universal-Taxi-00It’s been a long time since residents of E.St.Louis has seen taxi cabs circulating about. Twenty years ago the city was home to three cab companies. But for the last 15 years not even pizza delivery vehicles would deliver to E.St.Louis customers for fear of crime. Many Uber drivers would not even pick up there.

Yet about a year ago, three friends sought to change that. Rick Holliday, Antwan Jones, and their friend Arnold created Universal Taxi Service, to fill this need.

Universal Taxi is a cab company that provides 24hr services to E.St.Louis residents and the surrounding areas.

“We realized we didn’t have any cabs in E.St.Louis. So we figured we’d get together and bring back cab service to E.St.Louis,” says Rick Holliday, part owner.

“Often residents around here need quick rides to the store. We now provide them that service. But not only do we provide local service, we also transport (or pick-up) E.St.Louis customers to anywhere within a 50 mile radius,” explains Holliday.

Universal Taxi has three drivers with three vans in currently circulation.

Universal Taxi charges $2.50 per mile.  It prides itself on fast arrival. “Our goal is to serve our residents while giving E.St.Louis residents a fair price,” says Holliday.

For taxi service call (618) 550-3021 or click the Call Button below.


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  1. Greetings to everyone at Universal Taxi! We just wanted to inform you that we offer discounts on our roadside assistance to taxi drivers. And, being originally from East St. Louis, we’re not afraid to go back home to be of service to you all.

    Congratulations for restoring a much needed service to the city!!! We wish you much success.

    Best regards,
    Minware Tutu, Owner-Operator
    (314) 527-1151

  2. I think its really great what yall are doing for the citizens of east st louis haven’t seen a cab since metro east cab service near the library and thats been years ago, everyone stay safe and god bless you all.

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